About Us

We have been professionally working both in city centres and touristic complexes since 1998.

We have formed our spa vision with the awareness of ” Nothing endures but change ” . Our main aim is to provide the highest standards to our guests . Besides, by closely following the world’s  spa trends,  we enrich holistic spa conception which stands for body and universe integrity and appeal to five senses.

about wellness serenity spa Fethiye Turkey

As the knowledge is the most important power in the world,  we have all the required equipments and certifications. In – service training for a professional team is very important for us. We keep working hard as the secret of success is to standardize.

Stability has brought a constant success to our company.

Our vision is customer satisfaction – focused service in international standards. We assure you high service guarantee by products and equipments we supply from  worldwide known and expert trademarks.

To refresh your tired body and especially your tired soul in this busy world, and to feel yourself lively, you should try our spa treatments and massage rituals. “Feel yourself” , that’s our philosophy.

Smiling faces mean happy life.

If you need to be spoilt, Serenity Spa is always at your service.